About us

NovAliX is a private company, owned by its executive management, scientific founders and employees; located in Illkirch near Strasbourg.

Based upon the initial concept of transferring academic knowledge into valuable industrial applications; NovAliX has become a trusted provider of expert services to clients ranging from virtual companies to the global players. NovAliX provides a valuable extension to any in-house capabilities ensuring that managers, scientists and project leaders meet or exceed their targeted objectives.

Our chemical biology services include:


  • Custom synthesis
  • Contract chemistry research
  • Chemical process route finding and development


  • X-ray protein and co-crystal structural determination including protein production and crystallization
  • Native mass spectrometry
  • Proprietary and standard biophysical screening and characterization services


  • Medicinal chemistry
  • Fragment based drug discovery


  • A technology platform for the discovery of novel affinity chromatography media for any class of protein


  • Cost effective use of laboratory resources