Over the course of more than a decade NovAliX and its legacy companies has established a global base of clients for expert services in synthetic organic chemistry, structural biology and drug discovery.

AliX spun-out from an internationally acclaimed structural biology laboratory for nuclear receptors spearheaded by Dino Moras and Pierre Chambon of the Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology (IGBMC).

Novalyst from the laboratory headed by the prolific synthetic organic chemist Charles Mioskowski of Strasbourg University

After years of strategic partnership AliX and Novalyst formally merged to create NovAliX.

In 2010 NovAliX acquired Graffinty GmbH and NMRTec extending both the breadth and depth of services. Graffinity brought a powerful chemical microarray screening platform with applications including drug discovery, fragment based lead generation and affinity ligands for the purification of proteins. NMRTec brought a range of capabilities supporting not only pharmaceutical research but also a host of other sectors.

NovAliX has a firm foundation for future growth based upon the addition of innovative expert services and their applications for drug discovery extending to an increasing range of industrial sectors.