NovAliX Group


eNovalys develops novel chemoinformatics tools from electronic notebooks to chemistry data clustering, and a novel reaction prediction system. Patented similarity searching technology “eSniff” enables chemists to mine data faster and more effectively than heretofore possible.  A valuable and unique solution to the issue of hidden chemical information value is being developed. (Spun-off from NovAliX in 2009)



Phytodia provides research services in phyto-bio-engineering and develops novel ingredients for nutraceutical, cosmetic and dermatology companies. The ” Nature is future” brand offers cosmetic products with scientifically supported claims, developed in compliance with the highest ethical standards and based upon natural products. (Co-founded by NovAliX in 2006)


NMRTEC founded by a leading spectroscopist delivers expertise in the form of laboratory based services, software (NMRnotebook, DOSY and Rapid Distant Computation).  A wide range of characterization studies for small molecules and biologics in liquid or solid state or in-between are made accessible via on unique combination of patented and proprietary NMR technologies. (Acquired by NovAliX in 2010)