IgG Fc selective small molecule affinity ligands

A protein A alternative

Affinity chromatography using protein A is the standard industrial technology for the downstream processing of monoclonal antibodies (MAbs). This application is well established and despite drawbacks like the significant expense of using a protein to purify a protein; the combination of excellent technical performance and regulatory acceptability poses a serious challenge to any challengers. However, for laboratory scale applications no such restrictions apply. 

NovAliX have discovered ligands of MW < 500 that are bind to the Fc region of MAbs and that can be used for affinity chromatography.  Across a wide range of tests there are ligands performing as well as or better than protein A for conventional MAb purification from CHO cell media.

These small molecules are not peptidic in nature and can be closely tailored to meet multiple performance characteristics. Being the products of straightforward synthetic routes they may prove highly attractive to cost sensitive producers such as biosimilars. 

The commercialization of small molecule replacements for protein A is currently underway with selected partners. There is considerable scope to explore further the combination of NovAliX ligands with novel support media and to broaden the investigation of alternatives where protein A is currently used.

Parties interested in any aspects of this technology whether for academic or industrial purposes are most welcome to contact NovAliX.