Biophysics Services

NovAliX visualization capabilities give unrivaled services that are at the true cutting edge of technology.

Protein structural determination by X-ray diffraction was the major specialization of NovAliX right from the start. Now, from 2015 NovAliX can show you the bigger picture through cryoelectron microscopy. Massive or multi-complex proteins can be observed without the need for crystals. Then ability to integrate X-ray information into a cryoEM image provides the understanding necessary for the rational design of next generation drugs or biologics.

The next set of services measure protein- molecules interactions for screening and characterization purposes using the mainstream pharmaceutical industrial techniques like NMR, SPR, MS or ITC.

The stature of NovAliX staff is not only reflected in their publications but also in their organization of the highly regarded NovAliX international biophysics conference, which attracts leading scientists form industry and academia.