Channel Based SPR (Biacore™)

Microfluidic channel based surface plasmon resonance (SPR) is one of a number of critical biochemical and biophysical technologies used by NovAliX to validate and to characterize screening hits. The highly sensitive SPR systems Biacore™ 3000 and T200 provide useful information concerning the binding of small molecules to target proteins immobilized on the SPR surface.

 The NovAliX chemical microarray SPR imaging platform is a primary screening technique, generating hits that are subsequently verified as useful, specific binders to the target. Channel based SPR has a lower sample throughput than the microarray SPR but delivers detailed information including selectivity, affinity and kinetics of compound/target interaction (e.g. on-off rates). The specificity of any binding may be confirmed by competition assays with confirmed active site binders. SPR provides a very useful way of ranking of hits from a primary screen, greatly facilitating the hit to lead process.

Characterization by channel SPR is provided by NovAliX as a stand-alone service for the characterization of interactions with numerous applications:

  • Antibody/antigen interactions
  • Antibody ranking – scouting analysis
  • Confirmation of direct and specific interactions
  • Concentration analysis
  • Epitope mapping
  • Enzyme/substrate interactions
  • Protein/DNA interaction
  • Protein/protein interaction
  • Receptor/ligand interactions
  • Secondary hit validation