Customizable SPR fragment screening


NovAliX chemical microarray based surface plasmon resonance – “write once read many” (SPR-WORM) not only makes very efficient use of materials but also operates in a highly parallel fashion that delivers results fast. The ligand-based screening process is highly sensitive and therefore particularly well suited to the screening of fragments, however defined; for example 12-15 heavy atoms or MW < 250-300.

This new service allows clients to create their own SPR-WORM libraries of fragments or lead-like compounds. A one-off investment in a few milligrams of immobilizable fragments suffices to create microarrays (“write once”) that can be used to screen a practically unlimited number of targets (“read many”). Indeed enough ligand remains to confirm the binding using an orthogonal technique such as native-MS NMR, conventional Biacore™ SPR.

The library of fragments or lead-like compounds can number hundreds to tens of thousands. A single microarray reader has the capacity to read simultaneously an excess of 12,000 ligands, immobilized in triplicate to provide a high degree of confidence that specific binding has indeed occurred.

A mere milligram of protein is sufficient for a complete screen making it feasible to screen many protein targets which might be used cost effectively to help to maximize specificity or to avoid off-target effects.

In brief SPR-WORM can translate your medicinal chemistry insights into a powerful hit generation machine. Rapidly generated primary screening hits may be immediately confirmed. For clients that do not wish to invest in a bespoke library there is the option to screen against NovAliX SPR-WORM fragment collections.