Chemistry Services

NovAliX chemistry originates from a distinguished academic lab specializing in novel catalysts. Fortunate indeed, since this has revolutionized chemistry in recent decades spanning many procedures; hydrogenation, coupling, hydroformylation. Producing new or novel substances demands an increasingly wide variety of chemical reactions consequently NovAliX’ experience gets progressively stronger.

Numerous complex situations have been successfully tackled including; multi-step, difficult stereochemistry, unstable products, unfavorable physical chemical properties. Parallel screening capability is extremely useful for optimization of conditions where there are many variables.

The custom synthesis services operates smoothly with high efficiency. All of the key analytical tools are in place to support reaction monitoring and product characterization.

Chemical process research creates new sequences of reactions that are scale-up ready for new or improved chemical processes. The wide practical experience of our chemists supports successful outcomes. NovAliX takes this experience and systematically applies the constraints of the development chemist in order to deliver IP free, robust, safe and cost effective processes.

Whether your chemistry needs to be new or efficient NovALiX provides a tried and tested highly reliable service.