Discovery chemistry

Synthesis toolbox

Whether the main drivers are efficiency or novelty the clients of NovAliX are highly satisfied with the reliability of our chemists.

Broadly applicable creativity

NovAliX’ discovery chemists have a good track record of successful execution of a wide range of chemistry projects. Over the course of more than a decade the client base has grown especially from the pharmaceutical industry but long-term relationships have also been built with clients in cosmetics, agrochemicals, fine chemicals, contract research organizations, contract manufacturing organizations universities and research institutions.

Compounds are reliably produced on the milligram to kilogram scale for such purposes as re-synthesis, exclusive libraries, novel compounds or research programs and reference substances such as impurities or degradation products.

The normal requirements of our clients for confidentiality and clear ownership of intellectual property are followed. Services are performed on a custom synthesis fee-for-service basis or under an FTE-agreement.

Features and benefits

Creativity – the ability to generate novel substances or new scalable synthetic routes are major strengths of the NovAliX team. When innovation is necessary NovAliX can be relied upon.

Specific expertise in a wide range of chemical classes and methodologies.>

  • Heterocycles
  • Radical chemistry
  • Organometallic chemistry
  • Asymmetric synthesis
  • Fluorine & phosphorous chemistry
  • Amino acids, peptides & peptidomimetics
  • Modified-nucleosides and phosphoramidites

State-of-the-art facilities cover the vast majority of chemical reactions that would be acceptable for industrial use.

Medium-throughput synthesis

  • Parallel chemistry stations
  • Chemistry on solid supports
  • Automated preparative HPLC/MS
  • Automated sequential purification systems

Specialized resources

  • Lab-scale ozonolyser
  • ATEX room & H-Cube®
  • Apparatus made of Teflon®
  • Corrosive gazes such as HCl & Cl2
  • Parr® reactor (up to 1 L & 100 bar)
  • Carbonylation & hydroformylation


  • DSC
  • DLS
  • Potentiometry
  • UPLC/ MS/ MS
  • GC/ MS
  • Chiral HPLC
  • Liquid & solid-state NMR, HR-MAS