Chemistry research programs

Expand your R&D potential

Clients increasingly rely upon the top-class support in organic synthesis provided by NovAliX. Dedicated teams operate as a flexible and reliable extension of our clients’ R&D for the drug discovery and other innovative programs. 

Valuable contributions include:

  • Capacity management – quickly absorbing peaks of activity
  • Innovation – via a complementary pool of first rate chemists
  • Know-how – access to alternative approaches to chemistry

The large organic chemistry group is a community of professional scientists whose personal development is valued and encouraged by the management. This increases the probability of successful outcomes.

NovAliX chemistry research programs are performed in the most appropriate way to achieve the client’s goals:

  • Team size, expertise & experience
  • Leader and single point of contact
  • Use of client’s procedures or other prior art
  • Communication mode & frequency
  • IT solutions, data handling & transfer
  • Compounds specifications & delivery process
  • Reporting & patent writing

Teams are built around a senior project leader with open communication style, keeping all parties up to date on the progress, paying close attention to personal preferences and doing the utmost to ensure that all objectives are met.

Research programs are remunerated on an FTE basis.