Exclusive library development

Tailor-made libraries for diversity enrichment

NovAliX is a highly discovery oriented organization with considerable knowledge of strategies for the design and synthesis of tailor-made libraries for pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients.

The large and strong discovery chemistry team is of considerable assistance to clients that want to expand and diversify a library of compounds, leveraging the full chemical potential of any scaffolds to design exclusive and useful additions to the collection. 

Our target-oriented approach provides exclusive screening libraries that are focused towards any target for drug development. 

Exclusive library development has a typical workflow:

  • Development of robust synthetic pathways to access customized building blocks and scaffolds
  • Chemistry or target-driven exploitation of the scaffolds’ full potential
  • Verification studies in preparation for parallel synthesis of the library
  • Parallel synthesis on a multi-milligram scale yielding libraries of 10-1000 members

The most appropriate input and techniques are carefully selected on an individual basis for each project. Library synthesis may utilize solution phase, solid phase or polymer assisted solution phase reactions.

The latest techniques are used for rapid or parallel purification such as solid phase extraction, solid supported liquid-liquid extraction & polymer supported quench and preparative LC with MS detection.

Quality control from the analytical department ensures that all compounds fully meet the required specifications.

Exclusive library development is remunerated on a FTE basis.