Novel compound synthesis

Creative chemistry leads to great discoveries 

NovAliX designs, explores, validates and optimizes synthetic routes to previously unknown complex organic substances, including in-silico designed drug candidates or the elaboration of leads for drug discovery as well as new components for cosmetics and materials science. Novel chemicals are often accessed via practical but equally novel routes.

The organic chemists at NovAliX relish challenging chemistry.

  • Natural products
  • Fatty acids
  • Macrocycles
  • Porphyrins
  • New chemical entities
  • Dyes & pigments

NovAliX novel compound synthesis projects rely upon the pooled experience of a talented team of organic chemists and internal methodologies:

  • Devising innovative & scalable syntheses of novel compounds
  • Performing parallel route scouting to quickly assess the various synthetic pathways and select the most promising
  • Scaling-up the most promising routes including work-up and purification procedures that deliver chemicals of the required specification

At the end of a project NovAliX provides a report including full experimental methods for the successful routes as well as synthetic schemes of all pathways explored.

Synthesis of novel compounds is typically remunerated on an FTE basis.