Process chemistry

Innovative scaleable routes for biologically active substances, intermediates & specialty chemicals

The ultimate performance of a chemical manufacture is predetermined by the synthetic route itself. Despite the high probability that a new drug will fail in development, cutting corners by proceeding with a sub-optimal process all too often proves costly sooner or later. The systematic creativity of NovAliX chemists transforms complicated lab-scale medicinal chemistry routes into shorter scalable manufacturing processes. Before long the small investment pays for itself many times over, even on the sub-kilogram scale.

Conversely, in the case of mature commercial products, new chemistries raise the threat that competitors will gain advantage through superior technology. NovAliX has a unique way of integrating the experience and creativity of medicinal chemists with the additional discipline of the process chemist. This leads to superior routes that are systematically verified to achieve specific objectives. Contributions include, IP protection, rapid implementation, next generation or breakthrough processes, debottlenecking as well as reduced capital investment and a lower cost of goods.

Whether your process R&D challenge is opportunistic or protective; NovAliX has the right expertize. The innovative NovAliX process R&D platform is engineered to deliver correspondingly innovative solutions.

Offers Delivrables
Paper route design & selection Identification of routes
Process research & route scouting Synthesis lock
Individual step optimization Condition optimization
Full process development Process lock
Scale-up & manufacturing Demo batch supply & production

 Projects vary enormously in size and scope and timescale so are executed on a FTE basis against an agreed plan. Backed by over 10 years of operational experience in conducting external collaborations, NovAliX executes projects efficiently, delivers accurate reports and fully supports technology transfer. Throughout the relationship the highest professional industrial management practices are maintained.