Paper route design and selection

Route identification

Tapping into decades of medicinal chemistry expertize greatly increases the probability of finding innovative and practicable routes that may then be systematically evaluated by our process chemists. NovAliX thereby generates novelty and strong IP protection around your chemical matter.

Our rapid highly structured methodology starts by involving the whole team in a brainstorming session followed by an exhaustive examination of all chemical possibilities. This maximizes the chances of identifying attractive new routes to the target compound. The relative risk in terms of close literature precedent is described in particular detail.

Comparing the routes through a highly visual “traffic lights” system makes the information readily accessible and facilities the selection of routes for evaluation. All routes are ranked according to key manufacturing criteria, incorporating any additional constraints such as IP protection, absolute cost requirements or environmental impact.

Features and benefits

Within 2 weeks our experienced team of PhDs produces a report of all possible routes to your compound. The scope of which can be tailored to individual circumstances, for instance:

Study Associated tool or methodology Included
Route design Brainstorming sessions  
Likelihood of success evaluation Literature & in-house expertise; references for each step  
Cost evaluation Cost comparison program Optional
Environmental impact evaluation Environmental impact assessment program Optional
Raw material availability assessment DWCP database  
Industrial constraint identification Experience and context dependent Optional
Intellectual property consideration Analysis of patents & prior art Optional