Drug Discovery

NovAliX has built up a range R&D technologies mainly to support target based drug discovery.

The fact that under one roof our medicinal chemists can integrate both chemistry and biophysics is of great benefit to smaller biotechnology companies with limited resources that need to control costs and at the same time to make rapid progress towards their preclinical and clinical milestones.

Successful medicinal chemistry projects often not only depend upon the ability to make chemicals but upon the skill with which activity data is used to drive lead optimization.

NovAliX chemical microarrays are unique and for certain cases offer fundamental advantages over other platforms. A particular strength is the ability to tackle problems in different ways allowing NovAliX to take responsibility is often instrumental in achieving the ultimate project goal.

Typical projects include focused libraries, analogue synthesis, creative me-too to circumvent patents, bioisosteres and so on. Each is tacked individually by experienced teams led by experts deploying the collective resources of NovAlX.