High quality leads with optimal drug properties

Traditional high-throughput screening campaigns use high numbers of large and complex compounds. Typically there are a low percentage of hits exhibiting strong affinities to a target protein. Unfortunately, in some cases the hit-to-lead process is hindered by the high complexity of the hits leading to overly complex molecules with sub-optimal druggability properties.

FBDD starts with simpler lower molecular weight compounds referred to as fragments. Binding is weak but makes efficient use of the molecular structure. FBDD screens therefore require high sensitivity. NovAliX has set up a state of art biophysical platform, which consists of chemical microarray SPR, native MS and NMR spectroscopy. Fragment hits are evolved or linked according to modern rational design principles. This generates novel molecules with high binding efficiency, high affinity & high selectivity for the target protein together with optimal drug-like properties.

NovAliX has become a provider of the key state-of the art capabilities integrating biophysical techniques, including chemical microarray SPR, native MS, X-ray crystallography, NMR spectroscopy and ITC, significantly enhanced by expertize in library design, medicinal chemistry and CADD. 

The decision to choose NovAliX to support your FBDD project predestines the achievement of your project goals.