Medicinal chemistry

Orchestrating drug discovery

NovAliX provides access to integrated medicinal chemistry services conforming to the highest industrial standards. The state of the art drug discovery processes range from primary screening to the delivery of optimized leads for development via hit to lead (H2L) and lead optimization (LO) programs.

The combination of scientific knowledge, a broadly based biophysical platform and numerous innovations allows NovAliX to tackle the most challenging discovery projects flexibly, rapidly and cost-effectively. Our expert medicinal chemists steer projects though each phase of the drug discovery process from hit generation, through lead generation to lead optimization.

NovAliX offers invaluable starting points even for the most challenging projects thanks to our proprietary small molecule libraries and chemical micro-array SPR technology. Hits are confirmed via an integrated process encompassing native MS, X-ray crystallography and computer aided drug discovery (CADD). The medicinal chemists strive hard to minimize late-stage attrition of development candidates. Lead generation and LO take account of multiple factors; potency, selectivity, solubility, permeability and metabolic stability in order to identify the most promising development candidates. 

Whilst the cost of pharmaceutical research and development is of great concern, in the discovery process merely focusing on budgetary control is insufficient. Investing in skilled experts generating accurate data give the best chance of reaching a successful outcome. Assessments by the NovAliX team rigorously minimize scientific errors in recommending candidates to enter clinical development.