Hit generation

Identifying tractable chemical starting points

NovAliX’ diverse and complementary screening technologies are the foundation of a powerful hit generation platform, both in the fragment and lead-like chemical spaces. Chemical microarray SPR, which is our main screening technology, is conducted against a given target using the NovAliB library. 

Chemical microarray SPR imaging enables screening in a medium to high throughput fashion. The quality of the data is highest when crystallographic grade protein is used. NovAliX has in-house protein expression and purification facilities. 

Next, screening conditions are systematically optimized to identify real hits and to minimize artifacts. The most promising hits for hit to lead progression are determined by use of computer assisted algorithms and expert selection. NovAliX has several workflows for biophysical and in silico screening. Innovations include a proprietary chemistry oriented search engine that is more effective than other tools at interrogating chemical databases making best use of prior knowledge.