Individual Fellowship CiTOS – NovAliX F/M


Individual Fellowship CiTOS – NovAliX F/M

Starting date

January 2020
(the file should be deposited before sept 2019)

Type of contract

Post-doctoral contract, 18 to 24 months
Marie Curie individual fellowship in collaboration with CiTOS (the lab of Jean-Christophe Monbaliu)


NovAliX is a company specialized in external research (medicinal chemistry,
protein crystallography, process R&D). NovAliX offers a complete range of
services in the field of research and development of small molecules. The
company has a team of 100 scientists.

Academic Partner

The Center for Integrated Technology and Organic Synthesis (CiTOS) is a hybrid research lab at the University of Liège (Belgium). Research interests at CiTOS revolve around synthetic organic chemistry but are multidisciplinary in essence. We aim to design and apply new integrated processes for the manufacturing of high value-added chemicals, both on micro- and mesoscale. Since its creation in 2013, CiTOS has facilitated the development of a large international network both with academic and Industrial partners. The lab is licensed for the manufacturing of Schedule I-V substances. CiTOS is the first Corning Incorporated Advanced-Flow™ Reactor (AFR) Qualified Lab in Europe.


The position is based within NovAliX (Strasbourg, France) and CiTOS (Luik, Belgium)

Job description

The subject we envisioned is the development of a flow process for sequential selective iron-catalyzed cross-coupling between organolithiums and polyhalogenolakanes towards APIs.
This subject can be discussed further if you have additional ideas or wishes.
You will have the opportunity to acquire new skills within the industry area (project management, flow chemistry). You will then gain a valuable experience on the marketplace!
NovAliX will support you in writing and depositing your file.
Be aware that the chances of success are much higher because there is a dedicated jury for projects industry / academy.


The position requires:
– PhD degree in organic chemistry
– Experience in organometallic chemistry, with experience in analysis and purification (RMN, LC-MS)
– Thesis or postdoc in an internationally renowned lab
– European citizen
– Fluent English
– Strong analytical, communicative and organizational skills; the candidate should be proactive and flexible.

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