Post-Doc position LIMA / NovAliX


Post-Doc position LIMA / NovAliX

Starting date 

March 2020

Type of contract

Post-doctoral contract


NovAliX is a contract research organization of 140+ employees providing expert driven innovative outsourcing and insourcing research services for drug discovery. NovAliX offers to the pharmaceutical industry a complete range of services spanning Biophysics, Biochemistry, Structural Biology, Chemistry & Drug Discovery.

Academic partner

The Molecular Innovation and Applications Laboratory (UMR7042-LIMA), directed by Frédéric Leroux —a laboratory attached to three supervisory bodies (the University of Strasbourg, the Université de Haute-Alsace and the CNRS)— is the largest laboratory dedicated to molecular chemistry research in Alsace. The overall scientific aim of the LIMA is to develop innovative methods in synthesis, validate new therapeutic strategies and apply them in different fields (bioorganic and pharmaceutical chemistry, eco-responsible chemistry and materials chemistry). The LIMA is structured in 9 teams. In addition, there are five platforms at the cutting edge of modern techniques, dedicated to molecular chemistry and biochemistry, spread over the two Alsatian sites.


Strasbourg, France

Subject of the fellowship

The subject we envisioned is the development of a photoflow process for introducing small organofluorine moieties onto heterocycles.

This subject could be discussed further if you have additional ideas or wishes.

You will have the opportunity to acquire new skills within the industry area (project management, flow chemistry). You will then gain a valuable experience on the marketplace!


The position requires:

  • PhD degree in organic chemistry
  • Experience in organometallic chemistry, with experience in analysis and purification (RMN, LC-MS)
  • Thesis or postdoc in an internationally renowned lab
  • Fluent English
  • Strong analytical, communicative and organizational skills; the candidate should be proactive and flexible.


It is absolutely necessary to apply on the CNRS portail : and also to this two others email address : and


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