Project manager in crystallography (M/F)


Project manager in crystallography (M/F)

Starting date

As soon as possible

Type of contract 

Permanent contract


NovAliX is a company specialized in external research (medicinal chemistry, protein crystallography, process R&D). NovAliX offers a complete range of services in the field of research and development of small molecules. The company has a team of 100 scientists.


The position is based in Saclay, Essonne (South of Paris-France).

Job description

You will join our 7-membered structural biology insourced team located on the Synchrotron SOLEIL to manage projects for our client in the field of structural biology. Your work will consist in:

  • Conducting crystallographic projects from bibliographic work to structure determination, as well as project follow-up, clients reporting, drafting procedures and/or reports.
  • Managing and supervising a team of research associates.

You will be in charge of protein production and purification from different expression systems, X-ray diffraction data collection & processing, structure determination of proteins of interest and of protein-ligand complexes.


You should have a PhD in crystallography with ca. 4-6 years of experience in modern Crystallography techniques (preferentially experienced in the life science industry) during which you have deepened and widened your practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of construct design, protein biochemistry and crystallography. A good knowledge of software packages employed in protein crystallography is a must. Additional experience in molecular biology and/or insect cells culture, membrane proteins and/or characterization of protein/ligand complexes would be an asset.

We are seeking a person who speaks English and French, who is passionate about structural biology and who has a keen sense of responsibility as well as being a committed team player. The candidate will have a rigorous and organized attitude to work with excellent supervisory and reporting skills.

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