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June 15, 2017

Biophysical and structural characterization of mono/di-arylated lactosamine derivatives interaction with human galectin-3

Cédric Atmanene, Céline Ronin, Stéphane Téléchéa, François-Moana Gautier, Florence Djedaïni-Pilard, Fabrice Ciesielski, Valérie Vivat, Cyrille Grandjean

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 489 (2017) 281-286. 



March 8, 2017

Discovery of phenoxyindazoles and phenylthioindazoles as ROR gamma inverse agonists

Gilles Ouvry, Claire Bouix-Peter, Fabrice Ciesielski, Laurent Chantalat, Olivier Christin, Catherine Comino, Denis Duvert, Christophe Feret, Craig S. Harris, Laurent Lamy, Anne-Pascale Luzy, Branislav Musicki, Danielle Orfila, Jonathan Pascau, Véronique Parnet, Agnès Perrin, Romain Pierre, Gaëlle Polge, Catherine Raffin, Yves Rival, Nathalie Taquet, Etienne Thoreau, Laurent F. Hennequin

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 26 (2016) 5802–5808;