“A Fit-for-Purpose Synthesis of (R)-2-Methylazepane”

February 6, 2020 - Events

Enantiomerically pure azepanes are sought after building blocks being widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. In the context of an RSV inhibitor drug discovery project, a joint  Janssen-NovAliX team have developed an efficient synthesis of racemic 2-methylazepane. Enantiomerically pure (R)-isomer was conveniently resolved by chiral SFC in development scale quantities. The successful outcome involved teamwork between in-sourced NovAliX chemists located Val-de-Reuil and out-sourced chemists in Illkirch. The resulting a publication showcases the complementary nature of our business models as well as the cohesion and efficiency of NovAliX teams working across different geographic locations.      

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