NovAliX - Cryo-EM in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

October 2, 2018 - Events
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Cover Nature Reviews Magazine

Cryo-electron microscopy has been distinguished by the 2017 Nobel Prize in chemistry for the “high-resolution structure determination of biomolecules in solution”. The pioneering NovAliX- Thermo Fisher Scientific (formerly FEI)- joint cryo-EM laboratory – provides access to an industrial quality research service complementing our X-ray crystallography capabilities.

NovAliX’s cryo-EM workflow is optimized to meet the expectations of the pharmaceutical industry; addressing critical issues in the discovery of drugs, biologics and in the characterization of viral vectors and biosimilars by direct visualization: from low resolution negative stain 2D images, to high resolution 3D structures.

Today we are proud to highlight to the community a recent article in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery “Cryo-EM in drug discovery: achievements, limitations and prospects” co-authored by leading scientists including NovAliX experts.

Nature Reviews Drug Discovery full article