NovAliX enters into collaboration in flow chemistry with CitOS

May 23, 2019 - Events
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We are delighted to announce the signature of a collaboration agreement in continuous flow chemistry with the Center for Integrated Technology and Organic Synthesis (CiTOS) at the University of Liège (Belgium) directed by Prof. Jean-Christophe Monbaliu.

This collaboration is part of NovAliX’s strategic goal to strengthen existing capabilities in continuous flow chemistry that already have benefited our clients and partners. Continuous flow chemistry is an established part of development and manufacturing but also opens up new possibilities for drug discovery. Continuous flow provides a convenient way to perform less common areas of chemistry like photochemistry and electrochemistry. Reactions that fail or perform badly in batch can sometimes be performed smoothly and in high yield in flow and dangerous reactions can be performed safely.

Under this agreement, NovAliX chemists will be able to undertake a wide range of research at CiTOS facilities. This partnership will facilitate the development of safe and innovative synthetic pathways to complement NovAliX current chemical process research service that delivers scale-up-ready synthetic routes and will create a flow-tool-box in encompassing that will include catalytic and heterogeneous processes such as organometallics and gases.

CiTOS is a leading research center in the field and possesses an outstanding range of continuous flow systems for diverse applications including processes for the manufacturing of high value chemicals. Research interests at CiTOS are at the interface between organic chemistry and chemical engineering. Current active research areas include methodology in continuous flow organic synthesis, pharmaceutical development and upgrading of biosourced molecules.

This agreement enhances the expertise of NovAliX chemists through access to state-of-the-art knowledge and equipment from leading scientists and engineers in the team of Prof. Monbaliu.

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