NovAliX has welcome the signature of "Pacte Offensive Croissance Emploi"

August 29, 2018 - Events
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Signature of "Pacte Offensive Croissance Emploi" at NovAliX facilities

NovAliX has welcome on August 28th the signature of the “Pacte Offensive Croissance Emploi” by the President of the “EuroMétropole” of Strasbourg, Mr. Robert Herrmann, and by the President of “Région Grand Est”, Mr.  Jean Rottner, from “Pacte Offensive Croissance Emploi”.

This pact seeks to expand the role of “Eurométropole of Strasbourg” as economic driver by developing mainly the excellence in academic research and innovation.

NovAliX is honoured of being chosen to represent the innovative nature of the Strasbourg environment and having the opportunity of presenting our projects of development.